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The structural steel system is used especially in structures that require large openings, transverse, longitudinal or high openings. All kinds of industrial facilities, iron and steel, chemical, automotive, trade centers, fair areas, airports and bridges are among the sectors where structural steel system is preferred. Structural steel system, environment-friendly feature, economic, light, earthquake resistant, quick and easy to install thanks to the system provides the investor constantly.


Our company is preparing and constructing of Minor Bridges or Bridges support by Abutment: Abutments are the elements at the ends of a bridge, which provide support for it. They absorb many of the forces placed on the bridge and act as retaining walls that prevent the earth under the approach to the bridge from moving.

Arch: An arch is a curved structure that spans an open space. Bridges featuring arches were among the earliest large-scale engineering and construction projects.

Arch bridges can span vast areas because they transform the forces affecting them into compressive stresses, which eliminates tensile stresses.

As the forces within arch bridges are pushed toward the ground, the arch is forced out at its base, which is referred to as thrust. As the height of an arch increases, its outward thrust increases. To keep an arch bridge standing, the trust is restrained by its abutments.

There are three types of arches: fixed arch, two-hinged arch, and three-hinged arch.

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