Jabal Alkhaloud


JABAL ALKHALOUD Co. has ability to projects concerning the construction work, such as hospitals and waste management disposal plan projects aided by knowledgeable staffs and administrative specialist delivered with high technical and quality standards.

JABAL ALKHALOUD Co. considered the leading company in providing wide range of services in construction, logistical supply and on-site operational services. We also provide services such as logistical transportation together with supply and construction of Factories. The company employs highly qualified engineers in repair and restorations services of building, public facilities, roads, bridges and airstrips using sophisticated and modern.

The company has a number of professional engineers in all engineering disciplines they have experience in architectural and engineering redesign of projects, preparation of Bill of Quantities for engineering designs and complying to regulations and modern standards.

We have ability to import construction materials for all building types, such as cement, steel and ready construction materials imported from known global companies.

  • Implementation of construction projects.
  • Public and industrial buildings.
  • Residential complexes.
  • Building large gables and building covering.
  • Supply and installation of mobile homes.
  • Tiling and streets reconstruction.

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CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS: Framework & Scaffolding, Stone Crushing Machinery, Excavating, Leveling, Shovels, Boring Machinery, Tunneling Equipment, Aggregate Equipment, Asphalt Equipment, Concrete Equipment, Construction Vehicles, Others,

Air conditioning devices, ducts, escalators, lifts, generators, cables, control panels, switches, gearboxes, shutters, auto doors, Others.