Jabal Alkhaloud


Based on the goal of continuously helping our customers meet the ever-changing challenges of pipeline construction, JABAL ALKHALOUD Co. also provides an array of specialized services built around our equipment, including engineering, onsite technical support, and equipment training. Our high-precision equipment lines include single- and dual-head welding systems, external and internal welding machines, copper backup clamps, pipe facing machines, and support equipment.

JABAL ALKHALOUD Co. is offers three distinct pipeline welding systems, giving you solution options that precisely meet your productivity and budget goals.
• Supply, installation different Pipes Grade ,Schedule
• All Welding process (TIG, SMAW,SAW) arc welding. for C.S&S.S Pipes, Plates and structure.
• Hydro static test, NDT (RT,UT,PT,MT,VT,ET) Test.


JABAL ALKHALOUD Co. has the technology and services needed to perform virtually every kind of welding. In some cases our experts may determine that manual welding is the best option. Other applications may call for semi-automatic or automatic welding, or some combination of the two, to get the best result. In every case, we provide whatever is necessary and manage the delivery of all of your fabrication requirements.


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