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No matter where your projects are, JABAL ALKHALOUD Co. has fully equipped fabrication facilities strategically located to service your power, refining, petrochemical or heavy industrial needs. Specializing in steel plate, structural steel and vessel fabrication, our shops are set up to handle your most demanding fabrication requirements.

As a full-service industrial contractor, our extensive fabrication capabilities combined with our multidiscipline construction expertise provide a reliable, single source for our clients’ project needs. Maintaining comprehensive technical standards and stringent QA/QC procedures allow us to deliver consistent, high-quality projects, every time.


JABAL ALKHALOUD Co. offers a wide selection of pipe repair systems that have been extensively tested by reputable laboratories.

Pipe wrapping application is a fast, easy to use, durable and cost effective pipe repair system.

It is a highly versatile system, widely used for temporary and semi-permanent leak repairs and surface protection. The system can also be used heavily in touch process piping applications – petroleum refineries, chemical handling and mining applications.


Every day contractors, oil & gas companies and utlity companies excavate for installation of underground facilities. They must then locate existing pipes, cables and lines for maintenance & repairs.
Going back, this process usually involved digging by hand or with a mechanical excavator, backhoe or similar machine. 

Why Hydro-VAC Excavation?

• Using water to break up ground and vacuum debris – this liminates the risk of exposing under-ground utilities.
• Eliminates risk of injury to personnel
• Eliminates risk of damage to underground facilities, which prevents costly  delays and repairs
• Can excavate rocky soils where a shovel can’t be used

Hydro-VAC Excavation Application

• Slot trenching – Digging narrow trenches for installing pipes, cables or  other in-ground utilities
• Debris Removal – Can be used to remove debris and clean out a variety of structures without damaging the surrounding area
• Hydro Excavation precision is ideal for Piling Hole Excavation

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