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We have been trying to be the same quality for years .

JABAL ALKHALOUD has grown up into multi service providing services in different sectors of business( ENVIROMENTAL  AND CONSTRUCTION ) ,also (OIL AND GAS ) field.

The development of the group to its outstanding status can be traced back to the foresight of its management led by its Chairman, Mustafa Mahmood, who relentlessly sought for subsequent lateral expansion into ventures complementary to the core business on which it was founded. JK focuses on a vision to establish and maintain creativeand dynamic companies dedicated to providing exceptional value, service and integrity to our clients. Initially established in 2010 ,till now working on track for achieving all construction works and mechanical, electrical and Oilfield Services ,even develop to multitasking activities such as agricultural and landscaping works . Moreover ,JK have create new sector ,its agricultural one in addition the gardening & Landscaping works . JK is remained strong and stable in the midst of adversities where we continuously manage to deliver a substantial number of business venture in the region. Our vast resources and financial facility made us flexible to the varying market demands.


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Our works go ahead ,grow up for general variety fields such as:


We are the Jabal Al‐khaloud Co mpany, The exclusive agent in Basra, Iraq, for Lokring Company. We...

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We are JABAL AL-KHALOUD Co. the agent of engineered composite solutions company...

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JK for scaffolding is dependent on their superior hardworking team and technological advancement...

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  • Waste Management Plan

Waste management on a project is...

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Safety Managment


JK is a specialist of Environmental treatment of waste ,a licensed company and a highly aware of safety and welfare of each employee. It has made training courses for its staff and workers in all fields of safety and health ,before ,during and after completion of the projects . For every project and work , there is a specific safety and healthy plan. There are always short daily lessons for the staff and workers in the site to discuss and explain the safety and health procedures of the work. JK has a full-time safety department, staffed by specialists who are responsible for implementation of a complete safety.

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    Our skilled and efficient workforce is committed towards providing optimum quality products that are appreciated in the domestic and local market for their durability.

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    We condidate for performing to do the best work to be on the list of sober companies. Our service quality ensures clients to get best results in their projects.

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Quality Policy


We at JABAL ALKHALOUD CO. are committed to serve the society by providing best Quality Services in Oily Maintenance &Waste Managment ,Infrastracture, Mechanical, Civil ... etc." at a competitive price, bearing in mind stated & implied needs of the CUSTOMER. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through customer focus and continual improvement by effective implementation of Quality Management System and control on all internal processes.